Psychotherapie Praxis

Marion Anthony, Zürich


Melancholy, lack of drive , withdrawal from social contacts and an absence of interests and pleasures. Almost one in five faces these symptoms of depression in the course of his or her life. Those affected also become exhausted quickly, suffer from sleep problems and loss of appetite, have difficulty concentrating and brood constantly. Fear and feelings of despair and hopelessness are also often present.

In therapy, we first search for unfavourable thought patterns, attitudes or stress-enhancing behaviours that have contributed to your depression. I then provide you with behavioural techniques and strategies that help you get your daily life under control, change your negative mindset and learn to deal with yourself in a mindful and caring way. Together, we also develop a customised toolkit with strategies and warning signals to help protect you from further episodes of depression.

Important to know

  • Diagnosis and therapy
  • Federally qualified Psychotherapist with many years of experience
  • Behavioural therapy: solution-oriented and scientifically proven
  • Private practice, only covered by supplemental health insurance
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