Psychotherapie Praxis

Marion Anthony, Zürich

Burnout and stress

More and more people feel overwhelmed by the high demands of professional and private life. Those with a predisposition towards burnout react to stress by further increasing their levels of effort, such that body and mind become increasingly exhausted. The result is a combination of sleep disturbances, constant tension and anxiety about the future. Since these can also be symptoms of depression and/or an anxiety disorder, careful diagnosis is needed.

In therapy, I provide you with knowledge and methods for stress management, mindfulness and self-care, in order to help you protect yourself effectively from a recurrence of burnout in the future.

Important to know

  • Diagnosis and therapy
  • Federally qualified Psychotherapist with many years of experience
  • Behavioural therapy: solution-oriented and scientifically proven
  • Private practice, only covered by supplemental health insurance
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