Psychotherapie Praxis

Marion Anthony, Zürich


Of those with ADHD in childhood, some 60% do not, as previously suspected, grow out of the condition. One to four percent of adults suffer persistent symptoms of pronounced attention disorder, impulsiveness and hyperactivity (or inner unrest), and are often severely impaired in their quality of life. ADHD affects all aspects of life including school or work, relationships and social settings. Those affected struggle to organize their daily lives or concentrate on tasks for an extended period, suffer from mood swings, feel restless and have poor self-control during stress.

Medication can often significantly improve the symptoms and quality of life. Nevertheless, behavioural problems often continue to weigh on everyday life. In behavioural therapy, these problems can be treated through the transfer, and training, of skills and strategies. You will learn techniques for better time management, I will help you develop organizational and planning strategies, show you how you can better deal with stress and help you change unfavourable patterns of thinking. Finally, learning a more constructive approach to dealing with emotions as well as consciously promoting self-esteem are central elements of your therapy.

Important to know

  • Diagnosis and therapy
  • Federally qualified Psychotherapist with many years of experience
  • Behavioural therapy: solution-oriented and scientifically proven
  • Private practice, only covered by supplemental health insurance
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